Blend Mode

Layer and shape blend mode

Value NameView Schema
0 Normal
1 Multiply
2 Screen
3 Overlay
4 Darken
5 Lighten
6 Color Dodge
7 Color Burn
8 Hard Light
9 Soft Light
10 Difference
11 Exclusion
12 Hue
13 Saturation
14 Color
15 Luminosity
16 Add
17 Hard Mix

In the following example you can change the blend mode of the top layer



How to stack copies in a repeater

Value NameView Schema
1 Above
2 Below

Fill Rule

Rule used to handle multiple shapes rendered with the same fill object

Value Name DescriptionView Schema
1 Non Zero Everything is colored (You can think of this as an OR)
2 Even Odd Colored based on intersections and path direction, can be used to create "holes"

Font Path Origin

Value NameView Schema
0 Local
1 Css Url
2 Script Url
3 Font Url

Gradient Type

Type of a gradient

Value NameView Schema
1 Linear
2 Radial

Line Cap

Style at the end of a stoked line

Value NameView Schema
1 Butt
2 Round
3 Square

Line Join

Style at a sharp corner of a stoked line

Value NameView Schema
1 Miter
2 Round
3 Bevel

Mask Mode

How masks interact with each other. See https://helpx.adobe.com/after-effects/using/alpha-channels-masks-mattes.html

Value NameView Schema
'n' None
'a' Add
's' Subtract
'i' Intersect
'l' Lighten
'd' Darken
'f' Difference

Matte Mode

How a layer should mask another layer

Value NameView Schema
0 Normal
1 Alpha
2 Inverted Alpha
3 Luma
4 Inverted Luma

Merge Mode

Boolean operation on shapes

Value NameView Schema
1 Normal
2 Add
3 Subtract
4 Intersect
5 Exclude Intersections

Shape Direction

Drawing direction of the shape curve, useful for trim path

Value Name DescriptionView Schema
1 Normal Usually clockwise
3 Reversed Usually counter clockwise

Star Type

Star or Polygon

Value NameView Schema
1 Star
2 Polygon

Stroke Dash Type

Type of a dash item in a stroked line

Value NameView Schema
'd' Dash
'g' Gap
'o' Offset

Text Based

Value NameView Schema
1 Characters
2 Character Excluding Spaces
3 Words
4 Lines

Text Grouping

Value NameView Schema
1 Characters
2 Word
3 Line
4 All

Text Justify

Text alignment / justification

Value NameView Schema
0 Left
1 Right
2 Center
3 Justify with Last Line Left
4 Justify with Last Line Right
5 Justify with Last Line Center
6 Justify with Last Line Full

Text Shape

Defines the function used to determine the interpolating factor on a text range selector.

Value NameView Schema
1 Square
2 Ramp Up
3 Ramp Down
4 Triangle
5 Round
6 Smooth

To better illustrate what the value mean, the graphics below shows an example for each value, including the function itself, based on the range start and end character.

Text Shapes

Trim Multiple Shapes

How to handle multiple shapes in trim path

Value NameView Schema
1 Simultaneously
2 Individually

Text Caps

Value NameView Schema
0 Regular
1 All Caps
2 Small Caps

Text Range Units

Unit type for a text selector

Value NameView Schema
1 Percent
2 Index