This is the top-level JSON object, describing the document, layers, assets, etc.

The size of the canvas is determined by w and h. Duration is expressed in frames with op, and the framerate is in fr.

Most of the contents are in layers and assets.

Attribute Type Description
layers array of Precomposition Layer or Solid Color Layer or Image Layer or Null Layer or Shape Layer or Text Layer or Audio Layer or Camera Layer or Data Layer

An array of layers (See: Lists of layers and shapes)

nm string

Name, as seen from editors and the like

mn string

Match name, used in expressions

assets array of Image or Precomposition or Sound or Data source

An array of assets

v string

Lottie version, on very old versions some things might be slightly different from what is explained here

ddd 0-1 integer

Whether the animation has 3D layers. Lottie doesn't actually support 3D stuff so this should always be 0

fr number

Framerate in frames per second

ip number

"In Point", which frame the animation starts at (usually 0)

op number

"Out Point", which frame the animation stops/loops at, which makes this the duration in frames when ip is 0

w integer

Width of the animation

h integer

Height of the animation

comps array of Precomposition

List of Extra compositions not referenced by anything

fonts Font List


chars array of Character Data

Data defining text characters as lottie shapes. If present a player might only render characters defined here and nothing else.

meta Metadata

Document metadata

metadata User Metadata

User Metadata

markers array of Marker

Markers defining named sections of the composition.

mb Motion Blur

Motion Blur

slots object

Available property overrides


Some (but not all) lottie files will have a metadata object describing the program used to create the file and other useful information:

Document Metadata

Attribute Type Description
a string


d string


tc string

Theme Color

g string

Software used to generate the file

User Metadata

Attribute Type Description
filename string


customProps object

Custom Properties

Motion Blur

Attribute Type Description
sa number

Angle in degrees

sp number

Angle in degrees

spf number

Samples per Frame

asl number

Adaptive Sample Limit


Attribute Type Description
cm string


tm number


dr number