jlottie Player

High performance, lightweight Lottie player

jlottie is a Lottie player written in javascript with an aim to have the smallest possible file size. jlottie is suitable as a general purpose lottie player, though implements a subset of the features in the core player - this approach leads to a tiny footprint and great performance.

jlottie's performance is achieved by compiling the Lottie source into a scene graph, which is subsequently used to play the animation. This forgoes any need to perform real-time computations during playback. jlottie is suitable for use when there are many animations playing on a single page.

At only 15kb when gzipped, jlottie is perfect as a lightweight addition to any webapp where not all of the lottie featues are necessary - common use cases include animated icons and micro animations. A list of all of the playback features is available here.

Supported features

  • Shapes (except ellipse, polystar, repeater, trim paths)
  • Fills (except radial gradient)
  • Strokes (without opacity and dashes)
  • Transforms
  • Interpolation (except roving across time)
  • Masks (limited to path, opacity and subtract)
  • Layer effects (limited to only fills)
  • Features not supported

  • Matts
  • Merge paths
  • Text
  • Expressions
  • Images
  • Precomps
  • Time stretch
  • Time remap
  • Markers
  • Play a Lottie with jlottie:

    You can use the input box below to enter URLs pointing to Lottie JSON files. The animation will start playing as soon as the "Load animation" button is clicked.

    Please note that not all features of the full Lottie format is currently supported by jlottie. Hence, a lot of animations may not play properly or may break the player, in which case reload the page to try other animations.